Restoration,Preservation And Conservation

The Revolution begins now!

At Doozy Pictures, we have a special and skilled team of experts that undertakes the work of preservation and restoration of historical documents. Our organisation specialises in identifying, collecting, preserving and safeguarding the written heritage and historical texts which helps in facilitating the access of scholars and researchers. In addition to that, it promotes education, awareness and promotion of knowledge related to the past. We deal with manuscript preservation, including cutting-edge techniques and materials. We also implement stringent quality control measures throughout the preservation process. In recent years, the scope of activity of this organisation has expanded beyond the ordinary.

  • Digitization:

    One of the core divisions of our organisation is Digitization where digital copies are prepared from original manuscripts, which initially used to be done in the form of microfilm. The main goal of imaging is to revive and facilitate the access of a wider number of audiences to the written heritage.

  • Cataloguing:

    It is the most important part of documentation of manuscripts. It provides researchers with basic information of primary sources. In the indexing stage, it includes the title and subject, introduction of the creator, author or translator and scribe. It also includes description and topics and language of the version, beginning and end, number of pages, date and place of authorship, dimensions and size, number of lines, divisions, font type, arrays and specifications of paper.

  • Manuscript Replica:

    It refers to the reproduction, or photocopy of a handwritten copy that is identical in appearance to the original copy. Our highly skilled workers produce similar versions which gives a great advantage to researchers and scholars. Its most important advantage is the availability of the entire content and images of the books.

  • Restoration and Binding:

    Due to the need to preserve documents and manuscripts, the restoration and binding section of our organisation has been set up to reduce threats to written heritage. In this department, various actions such as cleaning, strengthening and, if necessary, restoration are performed on documents and manuscripts. We provide low cost, speed of operation, use of completely plant materials, ink stabilisation, paper strengthening, pest elimination and the possibility of reversibility of the restoration process


Our goal

Our organisation’s mission is to safeguard and celebrate the rich cultural history by dedicating ourselves to the meticulous restoration and preservation of old manuscripts and archival texts. We aim to protect and preserve the cultural identity embedded in old scriptures. By employing advanced restoration techniques and archival methods, we ensure that these artefacts remain authentic representations of the diverse civilizations, traditions, and knowledge. Our organisation is committed to making cultural treasures accessible to scholars, researchers, and the public and we strive to bridge the gap between the past and the present by facilitating easy and responsible access to these historical documents.